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Michael Day (UKCP Registered Systemic Psychotherapist) Oct 1996 – ..... "I have developed a great respect for John's skills as a counsellor and his personal attributes as a man. He demonstrates an ability to combine human warmth and empathy towards his clients, who clearly appreciate his genuine interest and concern, with a professional stance, which offers them the possibility of change and alternatives, in their lives" ....."John is accepting and non-judgemental in his approach to clients. He has considerable life experience and wisdom but also a humility, which conveys itself as a willingness to listen to and learn from other people" ....."John has a general capacity to give of himself and a desire to improve his skills" ....."He can be patient and supportive as well as imaginative and creative" ....."I believe that any organisation that can make use of John Asher's talents can count themselves fortunate indeed" .


You should be aware that these testimonials are from clients who have successfully met their desired goals in therapy.  Not all clients are successful.  To put the testimonials in perspective, it may help to know that I ring clients a week after the first session to enquire how they are progressing.  I also ask them to assess how they feel now on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is how they felt before the session and 10 is where they would like to feel/be.  The average score is 6. 






When I met John, I was virtually agoraphobic. Some days it would take every effort to just hang out the washing without having a panic attack. After a session with John, I was able to walk my children to school and collect them. With a couple of 'top-up' sessions, I have been able to go on a holiday, got to college and have been able to go back to work as a teaching assistant.

 My family and I can't thank John enough for giving us a normal life back.

Mother of 2




"Anxiety about work had triggered severe depression, and I felt trapped with nowhere to turn. John listened carefully to my problems and with calm professional assurance, and genuine warmth, he gave me some excellent advice on how to lift myself out of my mood. Gently he helped me to get better, and also provided wonderful practical tips on relaxation techniques that I use frequently to control my stress levels. I would have no hesitation in recommending John to anyone who wants to change their life, in some way, for the better."

David, Director




Thank you so much for helping me with my confidence problems with regard to my driving and taking the actual practical driving test. After our one session, the change in my outlook was immediate; I lost all of the panic attacks I usually felt while driving and as such, I was able to be relaxed and focused enough to sit and pass the practical driving test, and first time too I might add.

I'm also finding that my general approach to stressful situations in day to day normal life has improved immeasurably since our session too. So once again, a huge thank you to you John, I feel as though many more varied and interesting doors have suddenly opened up to me in my life now; and in short, it's great!


 IT support analyst



After just one session my spirits were greatly lifted and life felt good and sweet again; 9 out of 10. The second session was just the icing on the cake.

Gerard, Carpenter


I'm writing to say thank you for seeing me.  I left that day feeling stronger, clearer and more positive about myself.  I think you will be delighted  to hear that I am moving from strength to strength.  I want to say thank you for the part you have played in this life-changing moment for me.  I also want to say what a lovely caring and compasionate man you are.


Mother of 3

Fear of Flying (Phobia)

I never dreamt flying could be such a pleasure. After years of wanting the holiday but dreading the flight, I can now look forward to the whole experience.



Before our session I was not even able to go near an airport without feeling anxious.  However, after our session, I was able to fly to France and back without any problems.






Fear of Moths (Phobia)


I have to say, I was very sceptical about the whole concept of hypnotherapy, and I agreed to have it more out of curiosity than anything else. I can't pretend I know how it works.... but, the moths I have encountered since haven't bothered me in the slightest. I don't flinch when they are in the same room and previously I would always be pre-occupied if I sensed them fluttering around the light. Not any more!

Emma, Social Services




I have suffered from severe headaches for the past 8 years, sometimes so bad that my vision was impaired and I had to spend the whole day in bed in a dark room. John told me that hypnotherapy can often help, and I was happy to give it a go.  I had one session with John and I haven't had a headache since (20th Feb. 2004)

Sabine, Psychology Graduate

Headaches and Sickness

Triggered by anxiety, I'd suffered terrible headaches, which would lead to sickness on and off for several years. Two sessions with John and I've not had one headache since. Through hypnotheraphy, John helped me to understand and change what was causing these headaches. I feel so much more confident and happy now! I would definitely recommend John's services.

Elisabeth, Manager


Life Problems

Back in 2003 I had some hypnotherapy treatment for 2 life problems.  The therapist regressed me to my birth.  The trauma I discovered was obviously the cause of problems I had had in my life.  However the therapist failed to diffuse/remove the trauma effectively, in fact, it was not dealt with.

In October this year I had one session with John, revisiting those scenes/ events.  Somehow, he managed to diffuse them in one session.  It was very pleasant, I came out of my trance smiling, laughing to myself gleefully.  I giggled all the way back to the Isle Wight!  I am still smiling!  I would whole heartedly recomment therapy with John Asher.

Marilyn, Hypnotherapist 

Low Self Esteem 

Now I feel much better and strong enough to follow my path single handed.

Marie, Dietician

Loss of Confidence


..loss of confidence which particularly affected my standard of golf: a single hypnotherapy session resulted in an immediate improvement to my golfing results, and a substantial restoration in my confidence ..... sufficient for me to recommend John to others.

Norma, Mother


Nail Biting

I want to say thank you for your helping me overcome my nail biting habit. Yes, it's worked! For the first time I'll be able to see the inside of a manicure salon!

Brid, Adverts Officer

Panic Attacks

Our single treatment session and the understanding of the problem, which I got through reading the notes you supplied me with, means that I can now go to all my meetings without the fear of panic attacks affecting my confidence and presentation.

Joe, Accountancy Manager


I have been delighted with the outcome and relieved to have been able to stop smoking after so many years.

Jenny, Student


In spite of being a smoker for 20 years, when I came out of the session I felt that I was non smoker - and I was!

Andy, Centre Manager


I have now been TOTALLY smokeless for 5 months and also use your techniques as a general stress reliever.

Joanne, Student


I have been smoking on and off since I was 14.  Now in my forties, I decided it was time to stop.  I saw John in October 2007 and haven't looked back.  I am so glad to be finally a non smoker! I have now stopped for 2 years.

Alison, Practice Manager 


Thank you for seeing me a few weeks ago - I haven't looked back since and am certain I won't need to come back!  It was also lovely to meet you - most interesting.


I have been struggling for years to stop smoking.  I would quit but the desire would remain and it was always a matter of time before I would succumb again.  Since having hypnotherapy with John, the one thing that has struck me the most is my complete lack of desire or want for a cigarette.


Sumie, Mother




Weight Loss


After our session for weight reduction, I stopped snacking and I did lose weight. More importantly, I had a changed perception of myself: I used to have a low self image and now I feel a lot better about myself.

Jane, Mother


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