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John Asher


After graduating in chemistry, John followed a career with Shell, mainly in personnel roles.  After early retirement in 1990 he studied and took up counselling as a second career and followed up with qualifications in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.  He is now a professional hypnotherapist.

He has worked at the Kaleidoscope Drugs Centre in Kingston and now works from home in private practice in Teddington.

John also worked as a Samaritan for 25 years and as a mediator with Kingston Friends Mediation for 10 years.  He finds his new career as a professional hypnotherapist is even more interesting and satisfying.

He is married with three children.  He plays the violin in a ceilidh band and the Kingston Philharmonia.  John also enjoys golf, bridge and gardening.   

Training and Professional History

John studied counselling at the Central School of Counselling and Therapy and at Kensington Consultation Centre (both individual and family courses).

He studied counselling and hypnotherapy at Uncommon Knowledge and was awarded a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in 1999.  Recently (2011) John gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Human Givens Psychotherapy from Nottingham Trent University.

John is a member of the Hypnotherapy Association, a member of the European Therapy Studies Institute, a member of UK Hypnotherapy Register, a member of the NHS Directory and is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

He attends training courses, reads widely about counselling and hypnotherapy and regularly meets a colleague with whom he discusses case studies.




John treats each person as a unique individual.  He doesn't work with an overall theory to which clients ‘fit-in’.  He uses the information they supply to him during the early part of the consultation to design and develop strategies to use in trance which help the clients achieve their aims.

He always accepts and starts from where the client/patient is – it is quite useless to say you shouldn’t do this or that or mustn’t act in this or that way. He accepts and respects the way the client is when they come and helps them to change in ways they want to (provided they are legitimate and safe!)

John uses ‘reframes’ constantly throughout the session, offering new, alternative and more positive ways of seeing and experiencing events.

When appropriate he helps clients realise they are ‘normal’ and not so different from the many people who suffer from the same problems – often very reassuring.

Recent problems/conditions that John has had success in treating (usually after only 1 session) include stopping smoking, stopping nail biting, weight control, sleeplessness, pain reduction, scratching in sleep, confidence to pass driving test, seasonal depression and helping stop hard drug use.

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